Direct Mail FAQs

A lot of you have questions about Direct Mail and how it can help you sell more of your products and services. Following are answers to those questions we receive most often.

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What is the maximum size for a postcard and a letter?

The maximum size for a postcard is 4-1/4” by 6” and can be mailed for $.33 via first class mail. The maximum size for a letter is 6-1/8” by 11” and can be mailed at the regular first class rate of $.46.

What are the benefits of mailing presorted?

In essence our company does the work for the Post Office by validating your addresses and sorting your mail according to Postal requirements. The Post Office, in turn, provides discounted postage rates which we pass on to our customers saving you as much as 50% on your postage costs.

Why is there a barcode on some of the mail I receive?

The barcode you see on presorted mail makes it faster and easier for the Post Office to process your mail. At Direct Mail Express our state-of-the art software and addressing equipment will print barcodes along with the addresses on your list in order to obtain the lowest possible postage rates for our customers.

My staff spends hours keeping our client and prospect mailing lists updated. Is there an easier way to keep track of clients that have moved?

Yes, our company can process your list through the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) database and provide you with current addresses for any clients who have moved in the last 18 months.

I’m not sure my mail piece will be accepted for presorted rates. What can I do?

Direct Mail Express will be happy to provide free design consultation to ensure your mail piece will qualify for the lowest available postage rates. If necessary a consultation with the appropriate Postal employees will be scheduled.

How do I go about obtaining a permit to allow my company to mail at discounted rates?

All our customers may use our company’s permit number free of charge provided we are doing the mailing. That is a savings of $380 in the first year! If you prefer to obtain your own permit we can supply you with the necessary forms.

What will my postage costs be if I mail presorted?

Postage rates will vary depending upon the type of mail piece and the list being used. Once we have your mail piece and list in-house we can provide you with exact costs prior to processing your mail.